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Born from a Vietnamese family in Houston, Texas. Moved to Jakarta, Indonesia at three years old. Attended a British International School there until eighteen. Briefly attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor until 20. Moved to Switzerland (various places) over the next three years while attaining my bachelor's degree. Moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 2 years for work. Moved again. And currently travelling. I enjoy reading, writing, and discussing international politics and cultures. I also enjoy sharing all of that with you.

Thoughts on Independence Movements

I wonder why independence is seen as a solution to all sorts of regional political problems. It’s a very square peg applied to lots of strangely shaped situations. But first, some context. I lived in Indonesia during a very interesting … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Disaster Art

The film adaptation of “The Disaster Artist” is releasing in December, and while I really enjoyed “The Room” and heard good things about the book, I had never gotten around to reading it. Reading that the audiobook version was read … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Southern Heritage

There seems to be a debate in America today about what it means to be American. Is it the past heritage that defined the country today, or is it what it is today and will become? A typical answer would be: both. They aren’t mutually exclusive, despite what people may think. 

At the moment this debate is made manifest in the events in Charlottesville over the weekend. For those not in the know, the controversy is over whether or not statues commemorating either Confederate generals, heroes or just the Confederate soldier should be taken down. There are a lot of levels to the debate, which is what makes it interesting.  Continue reading

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Thoughts on lack of Perspective

If you’re too easily convinced by something, there’s probably something wrong with it. What you need is perspective, usually brought about by challenges. Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Concept of a Trump Presidency

Many of my American friends, and even some who aren’t, are venting their emotions on social media. Honestly, I was initially more emotionally affected by the results than I thought I would be, but my sober analytical side won out. … Continue reading

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Dan Reviews: So I watched “The Nice Guys”

TL,DR: It’s pretty great. Possibly not as great as “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” but the closest to it. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since it was announced, because I really like Shane Black’s work. He wrote the original … Continue reading

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So I Rewatched “Saving Private Ryan”

Basically: Wow Spielberg is a great filmmaker. Also, Nathan Fillion shows up. However, it’s well established that Spielberg is one of those people born to make movies, so discussing the filmmaking isn’t exactly treading new ground. I have some extended … Continue reading

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